Norberto Odebrecht

Entrepreneur, educational leader and humanitarian. With a life defined by the ethos of service and dedicated to people, Norberto Odebrecht, founder of the Novonor Group, achieved not only growth of the business that he led, but also made significant contributions to the development of hundreds of cities throughout Brazil and around the world, taking social transformation to communities and families.


As a way of paying tribute to the 100th birthday that he would have celebrated in 2020, this special site collates historical facts, accounts and testimonials that demonstrate Norberto Odebrecht`s many facets. It is an inspiring life story for those who know his legacy.


Immerse yourself in Norberto Odebrecht`s brilliant career through photographs and historic documents, such as dedications and manuscripts. They are records of a legacy constructed since childhood, and strengthened by the ties of friendship and partnership built over the years.



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